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Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency

Welcome to the Chino Valley Medical Center PMSR/RRA Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program.

This is a three year podiatric medical and surgical program based out of Southern California. Surgical numbers far exceed what is required in all categories with a wide variety of foot and ankle pathology, including diabetic limb salvage, elective procedures, flat foot reconstruction, management of acute and chronic conditions as well as acute trauma.

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The residents are fully integrated with allopathic and osteopathic residents. Our residents receive experience working with a wide variety of different attendings and settings of podiatry. Rotations in podiatry include working with various settings including Kaiser Central California(Modesto,Stockton, Manteca) private practice including Stockdale Podiatry Group (Bakersfield) Empire Foot & Ankle and Garey Orthopedics. The surgical and clinical exposure to a wide variety of clinical and surgical scenarios further expands the education of CVMC’s podiatry resident’s experience by introducing our residents to various potential practice models to help guide their future careers once completing their comprehensive PMSR/RRA training at CVMC. Our program has evolved into a comprehensive training program with integration of several different facilities, which provides an excellent, well-rounded education for our residents. In total, our residents operate with over 20 different podiatric surgeons during their 3 years of podiatric residency training with the goal in mind to create physicians and surgeons who can think for themselves and create individualized care plans based on a diverse patient population based on their individual needs. At Chino Valley, we are not satisfied with the status quo and are constantly striving to better not only our patient care and outcomes but our resident training and the program as a whole.


Chino Valley Medical Center endeavors to provide comprehensive, quality

healthcare in a convenient, compassionate, cost effective manner. This program aims to create podiatric physicians who can think rather than simply be technicians. This program aims to create podiatric physicians with the clinical and surgical skills to function as independent health care clinicians in all aspects of lower extremity care.


Our Vision:

Chino Valley Medical Center is consistently at the forefront of evolving national healthcare reform. Our organization provides an innovative and integrated healthcare delivery system. We remain ever cognizant of our patients’ needs and desires for high quality affordable healthcare.


We provide an environment that is caring and conducive to healing the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually. We respect the individual needs, desires and rights of our patients. We believe in continuous quality of care and performance improvement as the foundation for preserving and enhancing healthcare delivery. Effective communication and education of our patients, physicians, staff and the community we serve are essential elements of this process.


We are committed to an integrated healthcare delivery system that encompasses the entire spectrum of healthcare delivery. This continuum of care encompasses all aspects of an individual’s healthcare.


We offer high quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I inquire about visiting?

Please contact for details about in person and virtual visitation.

What do your academics entail?

We welcome all students to visit our program especially to visit our academic sessions. Here at CVMC we have weekly academics from 12:30 to 2:30 PST held virtually on Mondays and Thursdays. However, every 3rd Thursday of the month, we host a Challenging Case Discussion from 3:30 to 5:30 PST with numerous attendings from private and group practices, academic institutions and Kaiser to help discuss complicated cases including preoperative decision making, managing complications and rare cases. Challenging Case Conferences. If you are interested in attending our academics please contact for more information.

What is your clinic like?

We work with various patient populations and pathologies at the Patient Care Center located at the WesternU in Pomona. Residents work directly with students in patient evaluation and care under direct supervision from attendings gaining clinical, educational and teaching experience throughout your 3 years of residency. We also work at Empire Foot & Ankle, Stockdale Podiatry Group and Garey Orthopaedics to expand our private practice experience. In addition to our private practice and academic institutional clinics, we work within the Kaiser Central Valley Healthcare System gaining additional surgical and clinical exposure. All together, our residents gain a diverse and comprehensive experience to set them up for success upon completion of their training.

Do your residents meet your numbers?

On average, our residents complete their surgical and clinical numbers by the end of their 2nd year due to the high volume nature of our training.

What are your externship/clerkship requirements?

Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and demonstrate a diverse experience during your time during podiatry school including leadership roles, research and volunteer opportunities.

Contact Us:


5451 Walnut Avenue Chino, CA 91710

P: (909) 464-8600

F: (909) 464-8616

For questions about the program, please email: